It’s no secret that I struggle with my weight. But I don’t do diets; if I am religiously opposed to anything, it’s the dreaded D word. Also, I am categorically incapable of actually adhering to one. So there’s that…

The odd thing is that when I stopped eating meat—probably close to a decade ago at this point—it wasn’t a big deal for me. I never really missed it. Fish has been a bit more of a challenge, but I eat it very sparingly and have already decided that, in 2015, my resolution will be to forego digesting my scaly friends altogether.

Though I’m not a vegan, someone once referred to me as “aspirationally vegan” and I really liked that term. I’ve mentioned before that, at home, I am vegan for the most part. And it’s my belief that a plant based diet is better for both the planet and the health of its inhabitants. Disclosure: no, I’m not a scientist or an expert of any kind. But I have read a bit on the topic. Well, if I’m honest, I’ve read half of many articles and the introduction and sometimes even the first chapter of many books. Plus I saw Food Inc.  So; I guess I am kind of an expert, when you think about it.

It’s my opinion that, if we all ate a largely plant-based diet, things would change for the better, both with respect to chronic disease and other health issues as well as with respect to climate change. It seems like the United Nations is in agreement on that last part.

On a personal level, moving in the plant-based direction in recent years has been interesting. It’s a culinary challenge with lots of trial and error. Sometimes I’ve risen to the challenge and the results are delicious. Sometimes, the end results are downright nasty and I thank the universe for composting. Most importantly, flirting with veganism has taught me that my body feels better when I am not ingesting lots of animal products, especially my beloved cheese. Trust me, if I can give up cheese (which I have for stretches at a time) anyone can.

So here’s the deal: one of my friends mentioned recently that she is taking yoga training in October for which a requirement is adhering to a vegan diet. Several fellow yogis chimed in to say that we would do it with her. Beginning in mid-October, we will collectively attempt to “go vegan” for 31 days. What’s cool is that we will have the support of the group and are even planning on meal swaps and potlucks. I am so excited that I have already started compiling a list of tips and resources for the group which I’ll probably throw up on this here little blog because, hey, why not?

In the meantime, who else is with us? No worries if you’re a diehard carnivore; it’s only 31 days. Maybe you’ll go full on vegan at the end of it, maybe you’ll decide your Mondays will be meatless from now on or maybe you’ll just determine to lessen the amount of animal products you eat. Maybe you’ll go back to eating exactly the way you are right now. But I kind of doubt it.

I promise I am no vegan vigilante. I truly don’t judge my meat eating friends and try not to proselytize too much. But I would bet that, no matter what, joining us in this challenge will change the way you relate to what’s on your plate. Are you in?