Is it possible to be a serious yogini and still kind of a cynical be-atch?

Can you seek enlightenment and a paycheck at the same time? How do I balance the person I am in the yoga studio with the person I am in the office?

These are the questions I ask myself every day. And why I came to be known by my friends as the Bitter Buddha.

I know I am not alone in seeking answers to these and many more questions about the life of the modern day yogi. So I thought I’d create a place on the interwebs where I – and hopefully you! – can muse on these and many more of the pressing issues of our time. (And some of the really petty ones, too).

So who am I? Just your regular, average formerly super Type A urban professional by day and obsessed yogaholic in my non-work life. I began practicing more than 15 years ago as a Cosmo swilling, (faux) Manolo wearing New Yorker. Since then, I’ve practiced thousands of times, gone through multiple teacher trainings and read (or at least partially read) many of the traditional texts. I can now proudly call myself a yoga teacher (well, we’re all teachers, really, but let’s just say I tell people when to come into down dog and warrior 2 and they follow along). And I spend as much of my time happily ensconced in the world of yoga as I can.

I can honestly say that yoga has changed my life in nearly every way. I may still be on the neurotic side, but just imagine what I’d be without it! I can attest to the power of the practice. And I love nothing more than sharing the yoga love. I am also occasionally a bit snide, sarcastic and, yes, even bitter. I’m working on it though. It’s a process….

Want to know a bit about my teaching style? 
My intention: To create a safe, accessible environment for students of all levels to explore asana and others of the eight limbs of yoga. Lead a yoga practice that is alignment-based and fluid while also allowing students time to sit, breathe and focus inwardly. Build an awareness of the power of yoga to manifest positive change on a personal and universal level.

My experience: My primary training is in ISHTA (Integrated System of Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda), a style in which I earned my 200 hour teacher certification from Yoga Alliance. I studied directly from Tantric and Kriya Yoga Master Alan Finger. I have also studied Kundalini and have explored multiple systems of yoga philosophy through formal coursework. Having come to yoga over 15 years ago, my personal practice has spanned many different styles including Vinyasa Anusara, Kundalini and Ashtanga. I attend workshops and retreats frequently to continue my learnings.

I strongly believe that yoga is for anybody and any body, and seek to create a space of acceptance and compassion. With a focus on safety and alignment, I offer modifications and adjustments so that all students can get the most out of their practice. I lead classes with an earthy, grounded demeanor, weaving in my own sense of humor.