​I’ve heard choosing one word as a personal theme for the New Year can be a useful exercise. I realized several days into 2016 that I hadn’t thought of resolutions (or what I like to call "intentions"). But I could readily think of a one-word theme that I’d like to infuse the next 12 months: “simplify.”

January 14th, 2016|Ayurveda, Life, Minimalism|0 Comments

From Maximalist to Minimalist?

I often have a feeling of being overburdened by “stuff.” I am kind of a magpie, really; I get bored with what I have quickly while new, sparkly things hold lots of appeal. I am also a marketer’s dream. Back in the day, I would endlessly read fashion magazines (that’s the old version of a blog, my young friends; those things that are still lying around, bedraggled, at the nail salon). The entire mission behind these slick tomes is to sell, sell, sell. You don’t have this $300 eye cream?! Oh my goodness, no wonder you look haggard. Peasant blouses are what’s up for this season; you MUST go out and grab them in every color available.

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