At Home in the Om Cooked Kitchen

I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life. Last year, I put the pedal to the metal and lost 30 pounds. But I did it in a way I wasn’t entirely thrilled about – I focused on counting calories, not really counting quality as much as I would have liked. With all the amazing plant-based [...]

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A Woman Who Serves: Q&A with Roni Zelivinski

I am pretty sure the term “earth mama” was coined to describe Roni Zelivinski in one of her past lives. At only 20 years old, this woman is the juiciest, earthiest, mama-ist person I know. I’ve circled her orbit for several years (since she was a wee lass – way back in 2013 or so) and have always been inspired by her energy. But I didn’t have the chance to get to know her properly until recently.

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What is an “Advanced Yoga Practitioner”?

Recently, I took a yoga class after which the thought occurred to me that I had no business teaching whatsoever. It wasn’t because the poses were particularly fancy or that we were doing something I hadn’t done thousands of times before. It was just obvious that this particular teacher had an amazing base of knowledge. The wisdom she possessed was not necessarily a tangible thing, but it was powerful nonetheless. And it was something I felt I didn’t have.

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Getting Rooted in Bliss: A Q&A with Linda Naini

I first met the incandescent Linda Naini at a yoga workshop on her birthday, of all days. I was immediately drawn to her. I often say I have a girl crush on her because she just exudes warmth and makes you want to be her best friend. Linda is a student and teacher of meditation. If you’ve ever attempted meditation, you know it can be one of the toughest nuts to crack. But the best part of having wise, old souls like Linda as friends means I get to ask them all manner of questions like: what’s the deal with this whole meditation thing anyway? The interview below captures her response to that inquiry.

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Planets and Stars and Houses, Oh My: A Q&A with Nina Stanger

One of the most amazing aspects of being part of a yoga kula (community) is meeting so many beautiful souls willing to share the wisdom they’ve gleaned from their own personal path. I feel incredibly fortunate to not only know many such beauties, but to also have the honor of calling them my friends. I consider many of the people within my yoga community to be old souls; people who have a knowledge that is far deeper than what could possibly be gained in one lifetime. They’ve got something very special to offer and maybe “get it” in a way that I don’t. But the best part is – they’re more than willing to share that knowledge.

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