A Woman Who Serves: Q&A with Roni Zelivinski

I am pretty sure the term “earth mama” was coined to describe Roni Zelivinski in one of her past lives. At only 20 years old, this woman is the juiciest, earthiest, mama-ist person I know. I’ve circled her orbit for several years (since she was a wee lass – way back in 2013 or so) and have always been inspired by her energy. But I didn’t have the chance to get to know her properly until recently.

June 24th, 2015|Old Souls, Positive Thinking, Q&A|0 Comments

Have a Little Faith

Yogis are often stereotyped as being “new-agey.” I guess stereotypes often have at least a kernel of truth to them. I am not too proud to admit that I’ve read my fair share of new age, self-help tomes. But out of it all one message has stuck with me; one I find myself coming back to again and again: “Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait and wait without anxiety.”

August 22nd, 2014|Life, Positive Thinking|0 Comments