Personal Practice: What Does it Look Like for You?

Despite incessant resolutions to commit to my practice, I have long struggled with creating a daily sadhana that sticks. The stereotype of a committed yogi, though, is one who wakes before the sun and spends hours on their mat followed by a long meditation, incense burning and sitar music playing in the background. Right? There [...]

On Striving & Contentment

In 2014, my New Year’s resolution was to begin teaching yoga. I may be a bit of an anomaly with respect to resolutions. I kind of like them. Setting them actually seems to light a fire under my sitz bones. So, yes, today I do teach several yoga classes a week. But what’s interesting is that, even though I achieved what I set out to do, I still feel like I am not quite “there,” wherever “there” is. (I mean, you haven’t seen me on the cover of Yoga Journal yet, have you?). I am still focused on striving rather than experiencing the pride I should in reaching my goals.

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Planning My Staycation

Beginning today, I have nearly two weeks off. My plans, such as they are, focus on getting good and grounded. Recently, I have been busier than I think I've ever been. I always have a pang of guilt saying that since I am only responsible for me. When I look at my friends who are working moms, I can’t imagine how they fit in a few hours of sleep let alone any type of self-care. So the fact that I feel over-scheduled just taking care of myself seems awfully self-indulgent.

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The Sun (and the Moon) Also Rises

As I go along on my wee little yogic path, there’s so much that I want to believe in, but that the former (current?) cynic in me continues to question. Even before I came to yoga, this deep rooted doubt has always been my modus operandi. For instance, my views on organized religion: “how adorable for you that you believe in God.”

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Stocking the Pantry

Vegan cooking presents a number of interesting challenges and, in some cases, requires a new lexicon. It can call for unusual ingredients or for using common ingredients in an entirely new way. When I started down the “aspirationally vegan” path, I remember wishing I had a cheat sheet detailing some of the key items to have on hand. One of my proudest moments in recent history was coming across a vegan recipe I wanted to try and realizing I already had all the ingredients I needed. OK, so it’s not achieving world peace or solving global warming, but hey, a girl’s gotta have goals. Vegan preparedness is apparently one of mine. Aim high.

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The Teacher as Student

Since I’ve started teaching yoga, I realize how much more I am probably getting out of the experience than my “students.” I put the word “students” in quotations for a variety of reasons. First, we are all practitioners, regardless of where we stand in a class. Second, the idea that I could impart wisdom to anyone on this enormous thing called yoga is kind of laughable to me; I am only just scratching the surface.

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